Recognition & Terms

EAGLE Accreditation, once granted to an organization, continues for a term of four (4) years. During this term, the accredited organization is responsible for continuing to meet or exceed all EAGLE Principles, and successfully respond to all Commission requirements.

In order to remain accredited, each EAGLE accredited organization shall submit an annual report to the EAGLE Commission. The purposes of the report are to ensure the Commission is aware of any changes in the organization since accreditation or the previous annual report that might affect the organization’s accredited status, and to follow the organization’s progress in taking advantage of the Opportunities for Improvement noted during the Peer Review.


The organization’s part of the accreditation process takes twelve to eighteen months to complete. Your self-study should be submitted at least five months prior to the EAGLE Commission meeting, which occurs in January and August.


Application Process

Submit completed application and deposit

Receive self study documents


Self Study

Complete Self Study - (6 to 12 months)

Determine tentative site visit dates


Site Visit Preparation

Eagles staff completes preliminary review and requests submission of additional documents - (30 days)

Peer reviews complete preliminary analysis and requests submission of additional documents - (30 days)

Finalize site visit plans with Eagle office and peer review team leader - (30 days)


Site Visit

Complete Site visit - (2 to 5 days)

Submission of team report


Post Site Visit

Receive commendations and opportunities for improvement - (10 days)

Optional CEO response and evaluation - (30 days)


Commission's Decision

Commission reviews the peer review report - (30 days)

Commission makes accredidation decision - (January or August)

EAGLE staff issues accredidation outcome letter - (10 days)