The EAGLE Accreditation Commission is comprised of approximately fifteen members that operate on a voluntary basis. Members serve a three-year term with no more than two consecutive terms. They are both concerned for and committed to the continual improvement and expansion of this unique, faith-based accreditation process. The responsibilities of these dedicated Commissioners are to:

  • Develop the EAGLE standards and make adjustments or revisions in accordance to emerging industry trends and accepted best practice standards;
  • Develop and implement assessment and training programs for peer reviewers;
  • Receive requests to participate in the accreditation process, and delegate detailed processing duties to the EAGLE Commission staff;
  • Receive Peer Review Team reports and annual organization operating reports, and then assess and act upon these documents to grant, deny, suspend, defer, remove or continue accreditation status;
  • Continually monitor accredited organizational compliance with EAGLE accreditation principles, goals and self-assessment elements, and;
  • Carry out other administrative, promotional, collaborative, and policy related actions necessary to operate the process.


Marlin Livingston, Chair

President and CEO
Cunningham Children's Services
Urbana, IL

John Bellini

Chief Development and Strategy Officer
Hillcrest Family Services
Dubuque, IA

Joe Bernard

VP of Administrative Services
United Methodist Children's Home
Mt. Vernon, IL

Lori Furr

Director of Risk Management
Charlotte, NC

Doug Marshall

President and CEO
Presbyterian Home for Children
Talladega, AL

David Glenn

Vice President, Human Resources
United Methodist Communities
Neptune, NJ

Sheila Walker

Chief Operating Officer
Burlington United Methodist Family Services
Burlington, WV